The Membership Process

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         The Process & Steps to Becoming a Rotarian:

         Learn about us
         Submit New Member Application
         Approval from Board & Member Notification
         Rotary Information Session
         Classification Talk

Visit our club several times (preferably three) and decide on your interest for our organization.  Complete the New Member Application and submit to either our Club Secretary or Membership Chair.

The application is then presented to the Board for Approval - Board meetings are held monthly.

Following Board approval, a Rotary Information Session (Orientation) is scheduled. A $40.00 initiation fee is due at time of Rotary Information Session.

Following the Rotary Information Session, the applicant’s name is posted in the club newsletter for 2 weeks for notification to the current membership.

Following posting of the prospective member’s name in the club newsletter, an induction is scheduled. At time of induction, pro-rated dues bill is issued.    Annual dues are $230.00 per year (July annual renewals)

Depending on the initial membership application submittal date, it could take 6-8 weeks for the process.  During this period you can attend all of the Rotary meetings and encouraged to participate in all of our events. 

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