Feb 09, 2023 12:00 PM
Chester County Self Determination Committee
Who we are, what we do, why we do it

Feb 9  -  Chester County Self Determination Committee.

The Chester County Self Determination Committee works on critical changes in the understanding and delivery of the county’s intellectual disability services.

o   Who We Are: A working team of parents, providers, educators, advocates, self-advocates, and County staff.

o   What We Do: Provide education, identify needs, and challenge limits to funding and community resources, in order to make changes to the intellectual disability system.

o   Why We Do It: We believe individuals with intellectual disability and their families deserve the very best that the system has to offer.

Chester County Community of Practice

The Community of Practice is an initiative started by Pennsylvania’s Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) and PA Family Network.  In Chester County, we are a grassroots collaborative.  Our mission is to help individuals with disabilities live the life of their choosing and support them in achieving their dreams and personal goals.  Our vision is to help connect adults with disabilities to employers, not only so that they find jobs, but to convey to our community members how valuable an asset they could be to a business.