Joe Fratoni (right) gives a hug to his good friend and our recent guest speaker, Derek Fiorenza, who recently spoke at a luncheon meeting about his organization Fiorenza's Food For Friends - Creating a World Without Hunger.
With 800 million people around the world suffering from hunger/food insecurity, and 70,000 people suffering from food insecurity in Chester County, Fiorenza started an organization to connect sources of food with recipients in need. One of his main goals is to establish relationships between organization that feed the hungry, such as shelters for the homeless and abused, soup kitchens, and food banks, and connect them to sources of excess food such as restaurants, country clubs, caterers, and others. "It's all about relationships," he said, "connecting and partnering those who have food with those who need food. We measure our WINS in terms of the relationships we are able to build," he added.