Terri Potrako (left), executive director of the Volunteer English Program of Chester County, and Rotarian Arlene Adams show the poster that is being posted by Rotarians around the county to advertise our annual Fruit Sale.
The Volunteer English Program provides one on one mentoring to individuals coming into the county who do not have command of the English language, which impedes their ability to get employment in their professions, communicate their health needs, and simply  function in their daily activities that require communication skills. Funds raised though the frit sale will help purchase training materials for volunteers who work with VEP clients, many who are immigrants to this country.

You can purchase your fresh and delicious fruit on line. Link Here - Just click the Products tab or button to the right that says “Place Your Order Here” and choose the items you would like to purchase.

TO DONATE FRUIT TO THE WEST CHESTER FOOD CUPBOARD PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE IN THE COMMENT AREA - the fruit will be delivered to the Cupboard on the day of distribution. 

The deadline for ordering fruit with a credit card online is February 17, 2020.