The three Nicaraguan boys who received prosthetic limbs with the help of the CARS project, visited the club with their moms this past Thursday, already fitted with their new prosthetic limbs. The youngsters and their moms (seated from left) are Daniel Hernandez Solano and mom, Jessena Hernandez, Carlos Reyes Leon and mom, Alba Castro, and Alexis Morales Pineda and mom, Cristian Pineda. Gathering around the youngsters are members of the CARS Committee and other supporters of the CARS project (from left) Charles Streitwieser, Elissa Montanti, Founder and CEO of the GMRF, Diane Lemonides, Carol Hanson, Glen Sweet, and our exchange student from Argentina, Gabriel Bay, Richard and Steve Powell of the Powell Family Foundation, Rob Feenan, Ernest Zlotolow, Dave Barkasy, and Stephanie Byrwa, PR Manager for Shriner's Hospital. Daniel received a left leg prosthetic, Carlos received two prosthetic legs, and Alexis received a left hand and wrist.