Rotarians help out wherever there is a need! For example, Locust Lane Brewery (LLB), a member of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce, conducts a series of events called ”Pints With  a Purpose,” in which they pick a non-profit member of the chamber to highlight each month. The chamber’s Community Philanthropic Council’s February pick was the Chester County History Center (CCHC). All month, not only do proceeds from LLB’s monthly Community Cups project go to the non-profit, there is a happy hour at the end of the month.

The non-profit is invited to host/show off their stuff, and provide celebrity bartenders who work for tips that the non-profit can keep. Typically, non-profits recruit board members as bartenders. CCHC wanted to make the most of the opportunity, reports Bill Friedmann, so they brought in male models. However when the “eye candy” did not show up, Kyle Rheiner, Bill, and Jack Ellis were asked to help out and tend bar.
Lots of other West Chester Rotarians showed up also to support the event, including Katie Martin, Rich Murray, Sue and Bob Rogers and Andrew Stump.
Thanks to Bill for providing event details, and Mark Sammarone for capturing this photo of these handsome Rotarian bartenders!
For your further information, founded in 1893, CCHC moved to the historic Horticultural Hall in 1942. The museum now contains over 80,000 artifacts, and its library has over 500,000 manuscripts, 20,000 volumes, and “one of the state’s best collections of newspaper clippings.”