Another longtime tradition of our Rotary club has been the ringing of the bells at the bright red pots of the Salvation Army each year. This is a major fundraiser for the SA, which does so much good in our communities year around.
Katie Martin and Mac Neilon were ringing at the Amish Market when fellow Rotarian and Captain of the area Salvation Army, Jesus Coralizza, stopped by. The Amish Market is always a favorite location because before or after one's shift, it's such fun to go inside and pick up some tasty bakery goods or find other interesting items.
Paul Woodruff and Phil McFadden were among the many Rotarians who helped out at the Shop Rite Market. A young girl, shopping with her mother, stopped to make a donation, aided by Paul and Phil.
Lastly, a couple of Rotarians missed their shift. Did they forget to set their alarm clock? Go Christmas shopping? Rake leaves? Trim their Christmas
tree?   Only Bob and Allison know. Happy Holidays!