At our recent presidential induction gala, District 7450 Governor Francy Cross not only inducted our new club president, Catherine Friedman, she also inducted the board, comprised of new and continuing board members. “Your club believes in you,” she said before asking for their commitment to their offices.
After the induction, past club presidents lined up for our annual tradition of passing the gavel.
Cross, a member of the Chester Rotary Club, announced the new Rotary International theme, The Magic of Rotary. Then she announced her own theme for our district, Be Kind. In her first communication with all district clubs, she related the reason for her own theme by telling of unkindness in her club that prompted her to choose the kindness theme.
At the luncheon meeting the week following the induction, outgoing president Rich Murray reflected on the many accomplishments of our club and members under his leadership.
Of special note was Rich’s presentation of the Rotarian of the Year plaque to Jeff Cantwell! Jeff co-chaired the Chili Cook-off, has arranged for it to be passed on to another host, has worked tirelessly on putting up Rotary signage at all entrances to the Borough of West Chester, serves on the Communications Committee, and takes on leadership roles frequently. Congratulations, Jeff. A most deserved recognition!!