The Executive Committee of our club has voted unanimously to cancel all Rotary meetings and events for the next two weeks at a minimum, and we will reevaluate to see if that needs to be extended into April.
Between the West Chester Golf and Country Club deciding to close their doors for the next two weeks, and Governor Wolf issuing his order for Chester County this was not a difficult decision for us to make.
As not everyone reads their emails, and as we don’t have a way of contacting the guests you have been bringing to meetings lately, I would ask that you please reach out to those in the Club you are close with and your guests to inform them that we won’t be meeting for the rest of the month.
Rotarians are people of action, community leaders, and public servants. With that in mind, please find ways to look after folks in your life who may need help during this trying time. Do not risk your health or your families health if possible, but contact folks remotely and consider sharing what resources you can spare with those who are suffering without. If there is anything I can help you or someone you know with please don’t hesitate to call me on my cell at 610-883-7691.
I pray that we all remain careful, calm, and compassionate, and that this global health pandemic passes quickly. God bless you all.
Proud to be a Rotarian!
~Matt Holliday
President, West Chester Rotary