Approximately 15 District 7450 Rotarians gathered with other daredevils who took the plunge and participated in what has become an annual event – rappelling down the side of a building in Philadelphia to benefit the Philadelphia Outward Bound School! Among those brave souls who took the plunge were our own Kate Diffenderfer and Charles Streitwieser (as well as Bill Friedmann’s wife, Debi, and Carol Hanson’s husband, Dennis Wallace). In fact, Dennis is the one who got Rotary involved in this program in 2015, which has been held annually except for a couple of years due to the pandemic.
Team Rotary raised $28,000 for the Outward Bound program, the top overall fundraising team of the day. The Outward Bound program supports local young people, helping them increase their self-confidence, self-reliance and commitment to provide service and leadership to others.
Thanks to Carol, Charles, Kate, Dennis and others for participating in this fundraising event to benefit the Outward Bound program, to those who made donations, and to those who captured these high flying Rotarians in the photos.