The third and final part of our 100th Anniversary celebration (1921-2021) was to place a plaque, noting the occasion, at our meeting place, the West Chester Golf and Country Club. The Country Club was willing to support our request to display a commemorative plaque at their site by planting a tree and placing the plaque in a beautiful floral setting. Participating in the dedication of the plaque at the country club were (from left) Eric Houck, WCGCC grounds superintendent, Sue Casso Rogers, one of the 100th anniversary event coordinators, Steve Brown current club president and president during the second half of 2021, and Michelle Venema, club president during the first part of 2021, and an event coordinator. The planting bed contains a small tree, and is full of colorful blooming annuals, all of which complement the plaque. This garden gem at the country club, located near the Pro Shop, is a beautiful way to acknowledge the work of our Rotary Club, and one of the many community partnerships we enjoy. Next time you attend a Thursday club meeting or play a round of golf on the course, take a few minutes to stop by the little garden and view this lovely commemoration, designed by Houck. It will brighten your day!