Ernest Zlotolow, a leader in our club’s International Service Committee (ISC), is pictured above in a 2016 photo taken with Nsengumuremlyi theoneste (known to us as Theo) with his legal guardian, Consolee, when he became a protégé of our club. Theo was a lame orphan from rural Rwanda, who was brought to Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia by CORS (Charitable Orthopedic Rehabilitation Strategies), a division of our Greater West Chester Rotary Foundation, for treatment and prosthesis for his missing limb. Our ISC funded his high school studies, and additional personal contributions from club members provided Theo with a monetary graduation gift. Theo focused his studies in software coding, using a laptop and software sent to him by CORS. These enable him to support himself and be a productive member of his community.
CORS was born out of a desire to help children from around the world with orthopedic issues that restricted them from enjoyment and fulfillment of daily activities, and limited educational and vocational opportunities. Ernest’s son, Dan Zlotolow, M.D., a Hand and Upper Extremities Surgeon, has taken over directorship of CORS. CORS has greatly expanded its work in the world, based on a letter from Dr. Zlotolow in June, with an impressive update of activities.
Theo recently wrote to Ernest, who has kept in touch with Theo through the years, with an update on his education, and who gives thanks for Rotary’s support. In his own words, Theo writes “I started my education from 2003. Completing this had been so hard because of illness and financial barriers. At the time you’d known about my situation, you prepared special gift for me. I call it the gift of life. I am glad to tell you that last Friday I finished my secondary studies with the help of Rotary. Rotarian love will be my future inspiration. I started being Adult to handle all the problems simply from zero to hero…I truly thank you for taking me as your child and supply all my additional needs and I won’t forget you. God bless ROTARY INTERNATIONAL  Love from Nsengumuremyi theoneste”
We rejoice in your progress, Theo, congratulate you on getting to this important milestone, and wish the best for you in the future! We also congratulate and thank Ernest and the other members of the ISC committee for their long term support of Theo and other children who continue to benefit from CORS, and truly Serve To Change Lives!