Our club’s new tent and banner made their debut at the Turks Head Music Festival on a beautiful Sunday in June. The clever banner attracts visitors, and engages them in learning about Rotary, providing an additional, visible resource for displaying club brochures and information, and most importantly, publicizing our upcoming Chili Cook-off!
Jeff Cantwell, Chili Cook-off co-chair, reports that it was a perfect day for folks to get out and about in the Borough of West Chester. “Several individuals stopped by and signed up to receive our new quarterly newsletter also.” 
The festival gave Jeff a chance to visit each of the other 100 or so vendors, and pass out the new handouts urging vendors to participate in the Chili Cook-off on October 8th in the borough. Debi Friedmann, spouse of a member and a member of the Passport Rotary, continues to provide some marketing support of the cook-off, (she designed the cook-off handout!). She also roamed around the festival in a chili pepper outfit to further advertise the cook-off!
“While many people were happy to learn the cook-off is returning for its 21st year,” Jeff reports “many were not familiar with it, so it was worthwhile for us to participate in this popular festival.”
Among other Rotarians helping to greet visitors and explain Rotary’s goals, activities, and impact in the community were John Schwab, Randy Lindel, Gary Hewitt, and Matt Kuhn. Longtime Rotarian and State Senator Carolyn Comitta had the space next to us, and stopped over to greet fellow Rotarians. 
The new tent and banner appear to be a good investment in promoting Rotary and our events in the community!