Rotary Club (Still) Doing Good!

In addition to the critical work being done by Rotarians worldwide, our Rotary Club here in West Chester, specifically our International Service Committee (ISC), continues its important work. We recently became aware that the COVID Respirators, which we funded with our sister Tigre Rotary Club near Buenos Aires, Argentina, ended up being donated by the manufacturer! So the funds were used to buy an Oxygen Concentrator (pictured), which is needed to feed the COVID oxygen hoods. The concentrator was donated to the community hospital’s Intensive Care Unit that allows treating patients with dyspnea quickly and efficiently.
“This is one of the most frequent problems in the COVID pandemic, avoiding unnecessary hospitalization by the hospital Care Team,” according to the International Service Director of the Tigre Club. “It is also used in other respiratory syndromes. Thanks to every one of you for choosing to make a difference and to save lives,” he added.
And thank you to Ernest Zlotolow for keeping us informed of the important and ongoing work of our ISC!
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Rotarians gather at Minglefest

Several club presidents and organizers caught up with each other at the recent Minglefest event held at  Timothy's in West Chester, including Steve Brown, (from left) president of the  Rotary Club of West Chester, Judy Curtin, president of the Sunrise Club, Gary Pawliczek of Kennett Light, Debi Friedmann, president of West Chester Passport Club, and Alyssa Harnish from the WEGO Club. A new event for the district, Pawliczek, Membership Chairman of District 7450, teamed up with Friedmann to host the event, which attracted over 50  Rotarians from West Chester, West Chester Passport, Sunrise, WEGO, Longwood, Kennett Light clubs, and even a Rotarian from Newark , De! Harnish, Assistant District Governor, stopped by to lend her support.
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Thank you, Michelle!  Welcome, Steve!

President Steve and Past President MichelleMichelle Venema, our Rotary Club president during a challenging 2020-2021 year, received a standing ovation for her amazing leadership as she presided at her first – and last – in-person meeting of her presidency. And, Steve Brown was warmly welcomed as our incoming club president.
Although he has only been a member of our club since 2017, Steve comes to our club with a long history with Rotary. He joined Rotary in 1988 in Fairfax, Virginia, where he accepted his first position as CEO of a small hospital. When the Chief of Pathology invited him to join, in Steve’s words, “I was immediately hooked on the fellowship, comradery, and service to the community that Rotary provided.” When the club sponsored a new club, the Fair Oaks Breakfast Club, Steve volunteered to become a charter member. Steve’s tenure in that club lasted for the 18 years he was with the Inova Health System, until 2001 when he was offered the CEO position with a healthcare system in Kirkland, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. One of the Kirkland Club founders invited Steve to join, and within three years, he became president of the club (2006-07).
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Mulching at Marshall Square Park

About a dozen Rotarians signed up to help residents around Marshal Square Park with mulching and spreading this summer, according to Mac Neilon, coordinator of community volunteer projects for our club. However, on Saturday morning, almost double that number showed up, when Rotarians brought their children and spouses to help with the project. Mac reports that this has become an annual volunteer event for our club, as each year, the park committee contacts him to enlist volunteers from our Rotary  club to help at the park. Along with the volunteers from the neighborhood, the work was completed in record time.
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Fruit Sale Distribution

On a cold and blustery Saturday in March, a stalwart team of Rotarians, under the leadership of our dedicated fruit sale chair, Christine Wildauer (top, center) braved the weather to distribute the fruit purchased  during the annual Rotary fruit sale. Bundled up and properly masked, Rotarians handed out the fruit boxes, aided by Bill Friedmann (front, right). Among those picking up fruit was Ernest Zlotolow (front, center). If you look closely enough, you can recognize other Rotarians behind their masks. The fruit sale this year benefitted The Barn at Springbrook Farm, which provides programs and camps for children year around. Approximately $5,500 was raised through the sale, down from the usual funds raised, but good, given the virus  and its regulations. Our thanks to Christine for containing to chair this committee year after year.
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Arbor Square Social

A small, but fun-loving group of Rotarians gathered in The Pub at Arbor Square (senior living community) for one of the monthly club socials, planned by Phyllis Dunn and her committee. Among those attending were President Michelle Venema, Doug Meis, Phyllis's husband, Dan, Randy Lyndell, Phyllis and Catherine Friedman. The Pub, located on the second floor, was adjacent to a lovely outside deck that enabled guests to watch the planes landing and taking off from the nearby airport. In addition to the adult beverages, tasty appetizers were served, including the most delicious crab cakes Randy said he has ever tasted!
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In Person Meetings are BACK!

June 24th, 2021 - We will be returning to in-person meetings
   12:00 noon, West Chester Golf and Country Club
   Lunch Buffet will be served, $15.00 per person
Mask Update  -  Indoors: Masks are not required for non-serving staff, WCGCC members and guests who are vaccinated. Masks must still be worn by unvaccinated staff, members and guests when not seated.
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Rotary Global Grant – West Chester Rotary will provide clean water to African communities

Dwight Leeper, West Chester resident, and member of the Rotary Club of West Chester, and Sam Lowry, of the Downtown Rotary Club of Huntsville, Alabama, wrote a proposal to The Rotary International Foundation requesting a Global Grant to provide Deep-Water Hand Pumps to improve the health and quality of life in five, small, rural communities in Senegal, West Africa. In January 2021, the West Chester club was awarded a $131,215 Global Grant for the project.
The ultra-deep pumps (LifePump) are capable of operating more efficiently than hand pumps currently in use in Africa, going three times deeper, with a projected life span of 30 years.  Pumps currently in operation don’t reach potable water, resulting in villagers’ drinking water from dirty runoff, mud puddles, and ponds that livestock wade through. Consequently, people face chronic illnesses that prevent children from attending school, adults from working, and perpetuate the cycle of poverty.
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The Rotary Club of West Chester Fruit Sale! 2021-01-20 05:00:00Z 0

Annual Ringing of the Bells

Among the many Rotary volunteers who rang bells on Saturday for the Salvation Army were Michelle Venema and Joanne Tadeo. Rotarian teams were at the Amish Market from 10am until dark. This is a popular location because it enabled bell ringers to go inside the market before or after their shift and shop the many goodies in the market. After they finished their shift and turned the bells over to Michelle and Joanne, Mac Neilon and Katie Martin headed into the market. By the way, in case you didn't recognize our president, Michelle gave us a quick peek.
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Meet Peter Ash

Recent luncheon guest, Peter Ash (right), was greeted by members of the CORS Committee of the Rotary Club of West Chester (from left) Carol Hanson, Katie Martin, Glen Sweet, Club President Bill Friedmann, Ernest Zlotolow and Cristina Combee. Ash, founder and CEO of Under the Same Sun (UTSS), has been working towards supporting the human rights of children with albinism. Ash, a former pastor and successful businessman from Vancouver, Canada, who himself suffers from albinism, is legally blind and has white hair. In his talk, "Transformation from Tragedy: The Story of Children with Albinism in Tanzania and Africa," Ash told of the progress of UTSS during the past 10 years of his work. The safe compound he built and runs in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's largest city, is to see that children with albinism are protected, housed, educated and cared for. "The two main goals of UTSS are advocacy and education," he said.
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And the Winner is....

One of our newest members and the lone female competitor, Melissa "Missy Que" Baxter, (fourth from left) was voted the winner of the Pulled Pork Showdown last week at the lovely home and yard of Deb Sparre. Pictured with President Mickey Hall, Melissa beat out fellow competitors in her first pulled pork competition, with (from left) Joe "Joey Baga Donuts" Fratoni, who did secure second place, President Mickey, Bill "Dr. Squealgood" Friedmann, Melissa, Brad "The Big Pig" Able, who came in third, Jim "The Meat Master" Magee, and Sue Casso Rogers, standing in for Bob "Hunk-A-Hunk of Burning Rub" "Rogers. Delicious side dishes and water Ice topped off the tasty meat offerings. The annual event, instigated by Jim Magee, benefits project Healing Waters, whose members gave fly fishing demonstrations after lunch, showing innovative devices to assist people with disabilities. Over $1,100 was donated to Project Healing Waters.
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Two Students Honored at Rotary

Two students were recently honored by the Rotary Club of West Chester.
Pictured with the students are (from left) Rotarian and Superintendent of the West Chester Area School District, Dr. James Scanlon, Elizabeth Boulanger, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) participant, Sarah Blossom,
2018 Rotary Community and Volunteerism Scholarship awardee, Linda Hicks, chair of the  Scholarship Committee, and Deborah Sahijwani, committee member. Sarah received a $2,000 scholarship for her essay  on community service and volunteerism. A senior at Rustin High School she began volunteering when her mother started a non-profit organization to help women and children in Malawi, Africa, setting her on her own path of helping others. She is co-president of the Rustin Interact Club, made pillowcases for a hospital, packed food for Safe Harbor, and helped at LaMancha Animal Rescue. She is in the Help the Homeless Club, and entertained children at DuPont Children's Hospital and residents at Barclay Friends. She helps with the West Chester Area Refugee Resettlement project, and tutors children in the summer. She says of her volunteering, "I have become more compassionate, more understanding, and more motivated to make a positive change in the world.'' Elizabeth, a junior at East High School participated in the three-day RYLA program. She met students she would not otherwise have met, and participated in the Rise Against Hunger project for underprivileged individuals.
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Literacy Initiative

At a recent club meeting, Rotarians not only learned about the West Chester University Literacy Initiative, they participated in the project. Rob Malone (from left) Holly Brady and April Suda from WCU, and Club President Bob Rogers, show the bags of bottle caps used in the project. April explained that the service project involves numbering and lettering clean, white bottle caps that  teachers and potential teachers use in school classrooms.
After explaining the project, bags of bottle caps were distributed to each luncheon table, and Rotarians printed numbers and letters on the caps, according to the provided information sheets. Each table completed the service project, with a minimum of confusion, while club business was being conducted. After completing the project, Rob commented on the excellent relationship between WCU students and Rotary that has existed through the years through service projects and events.
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Rotary Readers Recognized

Christine McCawley (left), chair of the Rotary Readers Committee, recently acknowledged this past year's readers at local elementary schools, including (second from left) Joe Panaro, Phyllis Dunn, Bob Poole, Catherine Friedman, David Wood, Christine Wildauer, Bill Ronayne, Jen Fiorillo, Dwight McCawley, Faith Woodward, Jack Wintermute and Glenn Jensen. Christine read the names of a number of other readers, who were not at the meeting.
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2016 Rotary Annual Fruit Sale Campaign

Fruit sale co-chairs (left) Mickey Hall and (right) Christine Wildauer, look over the new offerings for the Rotary Club of West Chester's annual fruit sale with Domenic Lanciano, of Pee Jay's Fresh Fruit. This year's fruit sale will  benefit Fame Fire Company, which is conducting a capital campaign to build an addition to its firehouse to store firefighting and rescue equipment and gear. The sale kicked off at a recent Rotary Club meeting and will end February 21st. Fruit pick-up is scheduled for Saturday, March 5th.
New fruit offerings will be available this year, due to the blight that damaged the Florida Temple Orange crop. Included this year will be a variety of  combinations of navel oranges,  red grapefruit, apples and pears.
You can also purchase fruit and donate the fruit to the West Chester Food Cupboard or West Chester Senior Center - indicate when you select Seller

We appreciate your consideration and support of our Annual Fruit Sale. You can purchase your fresh and delicious fruit on line or by contacting a West Chester Rotarian.  Click Here to order
The fruit is scheduled for pick up on Saturday, March 5th from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m at A. Duie Pyle, Lincoln & Garfield Ave, West Chester
Deadline for orders online is February 21, 2016
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2015 Stockings for Soldiers

The 2015 drive for Stockings for Soldiers was extremely successful with record breaking amounts of donations. Linda Hicks & her friend sewed 165 stockings. People donated a total of $155. The physical donations completely filled a truck with an 8 foot bed.
It's hard to tell the monetary worth of the physical donations but it was significant. Member Gary Hess scored a donation of $3,000 worth of beef jerky.
Thanks to Tamara Minnick and Brad Able for once again chairing this cause.
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Paul Harris Fellows Honored

Several Rotarians were honored as Paul Harris Fellows for their generous contributions to Rotary International. Among the new Paul Harris Fellows were others who have donated several times and have achieved higher levels of recognition. Among those recognized recently are (seated from left) Rabbi Sue Greenberg, Chris McCawley, Michelle Venema, Dick Yoder, and (standing from left) Joe Fratoni, Joe Panaro, Bruce Beadle, Bill Winters and Bert Volger. The Rotarians were recognized following an informative presentation by Bruce Beadle, and the introduction of some new donor plans about the Rotary Foundation by Phyllis Dunn and Steve Founds, RI Foundation co-chairs for the club.
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Chili Cookoff Charity Recipients

Posted on Oct 13, 2015
The Rotary Club of West Chester presented $32,000 in grants to 11 charities at a recent club meeting. Organizations and their representatives included (seated from left) Catherine Friedman, Friends Association; Joanne Tadeo, Community Philanthropic Committee (CPC) co-chair; Nancy Zion, Chester Co. Children's Inc.; Glen Sweet, Housing Partnership of Chester Co.; Denise Mahal, Community Volunteers in Medicine CVIM); Phyllis Dunn, West Chester Food Cupboard, Sue Flynn, Chester Co., Family Academy; and (standing from
left) Dana Bowman, CVIM; Dolly Wideman-Scott, Domestic Violence Center of Chester Co.; Joyce Lacy, Interfaith Housing Assistance  Corp.; Victoria Dow, West Chester Public Library; Alain Oliver, Maternal & Child Health Consortium; Linda Coleman, Arc of Chester Co.; Laurie Kerkering, Chester Co.
Children's Inc.; Kathy Potts, Chester Co. Family Academy;  Shauna Yeldell, co-chair, CPC
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Thanks to all Chili Cookoff Volunteers 2015-10-14 00:00:00Z 0

Rotarians Fellowship & Fun Raising

Rotarians brought their friends and families to Iron Hill Brewery, Sept. 17th, for delicious food and drink, to raise funds for Rotary, and most of all, to have fun.
Rotarians Fellowship & Fun Raising 2015-09-22 00:00:00Z 0
Tomorrow - 9/17 Give 20% at Iron Hill Brewery, West Chester Borough 2015-08-19 00:00:00Z 0

2015 Honorary Rotarian

Nicole Wiley (second from right) was recently named the Rotary Club of West Chester's Honorary Rotarian for 2015. Pictured with her are (from left) Immediate Past Club President Rob Feenan, Shauna Yeldell, chair of the Honorary Rotarian Committee, and Joe Panaro, committee member. Nicole and her young daughter were selected for the award for their collection of food for hungry individuals. Nicole's daughter saw a program about hungry people and wanted to collect food for them, and set a goal of 20.000 pounds. To date, the pair have collected and donated over 16,300 pounds of food throughout the county and surrounding areas to individuals, food cupboards, shelters and other locations.
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Join West Chester Rotary June 2nd Give 20% Day

Give 20% - On Tuesday June 2nd, Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester will donate 20% of your dining bill to the West Chester Rotary.  All proceeds will go to the Rotary International PolioPlus campaign to eradicate Polio.
Reservations are strongly suggested - 610 738-9600.  Please note, you must have your coupon when you arrive - Coupons cannot be distributed on the premises.
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Chili Cook-off to heat up borough

Posted by Bruce Beadle on Oct 10, 2012


Thursday, October 11,2012


Daily Local News file photo
Dave Morrow Sr., left, and Ted Hartz prepare their Backdraft Chili featuring venison at the West Chester Fire Department tent at a previous West Chester Rotary Chili Cook-Off.

Competition in the borough will heat up this weekend as more than 70 teams are prepared to compete for the title of the area’s best chili at the 10th annual West Chester Rotary Chili Cook-Off. “It’s a huge milestone in the sense of acceptance in the community and the borough and allowing us to use their streets,” said Dan Cosgrove, chairman of the Chili Cook-Off Committee and member of the Rotary Club. “But it’s also a milestone that we have made it in the sense that we have been able to generate enough funds to donate enough money back to the community.” The event is hosted by the Rotary Club, and proceeds from the event will go directly into programs supported by the Rotary Club and local charities.

Chili Cook-off to heat up borough Bruce Beadle 2012-10-11 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Bruce Beadle on Sep 24, 2012
ImageOn his recent visit, new District Governor Dave Ellis (left), visits with new members, Terri Ritchie and Matt Biffen, who he inducted into membership earlier in the meeting. On his first visit to the West Chester Club, Ellis challenged members to keep up their successful recruitment of new and young members, and challenged the club to begin work on a strategic plan.
DISTRICT GOVERNOR WELCOMES NEW MEMBERS Bruce Beadle 2012-09-25 00:00:00Z 0
Henderson HS Interact @ Parents' Open House Bruce Beadle 2012-09-20 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Judi Bell on Sep 18, 2012
On a recent fall Saturday, a small, but enthusiastic group of Rotarians, family members and friends attended a West Chester football game, arranged by Mell Josephs, to cheer on the WCU Rams. Among those was (front) Jerry Schauer (back, from left) Mark Sammarone, Wendy Hoffman, Chelsea Sammarone, Mell Josephs and Tracy Sammarone. Others cheering on the Rams at Rotary Day at WCU, were Rotary President Jeannie McGinn, Dwight Leeper, Judi and Tim Bell. The Rotarians must have done a great job of cheering because the Rams won the game. Who could ask for a more enjoyable Rotary activity - and the reasonable price even included hot dogs!
GO RAMS AND ROTARY! Judi Bell 2012-09-19 00:00:00Z 0

Chili at the Restaurant Festival

Posted by Bruce Beadle on Sep 17, 2012


Phyllis Dunn (from left), Sue Casso Rogers and Bruce Beadle, among other Rotarians, were at the Restaurant Festival this weekend to promote the upcoming Chili Cook-off. While Phyllis was handing out flyers, Sue was answering questions and selling wristbands and tee shirts. A couple of longtime supporters stopped by, disappointed they will be out of town this year, but bought a tee shirt and promised to return next year. Now that's loyalty!

Chili at the Restaurant Festival Bruce Beadle 2012-09-18 00:00:00Z 0

2012 Mayfest

Posted by Mark Sammarone on May 02, 2012
The Rotary Club of West Chester will support the Chester County Hospital
by staffing the chicken fingers and fries booth on Saturday, May 19th.
Click Here for more information about the event.
Click Here to view the work schedule.
Click Here to view cooking instructions.
Click Here to view a map of the event grounds.
2012 Mayfest Mark Sammarone 2012-05-03 00:00:00Z 0
CPC Grant Applications Due May 15, 2012 Bruce Beadle 2012-04-03 00:00:00Z 0

Notice: Proposed amendment to The Rotary Club of West Chester bylaws

Posted by Bruce Beadle on Mar 14, 2012
As announced at our regular meeting on March 15, 2012, the Board of Directors proposes to amend the bylaws to include a New Generations Standing Committee reflective of the Club's strong focus on students and youth. 

The proposed amendment
  1. updates Article 8 to reflect the 5th Avenue of Service (which was approved by RI in 2010) and 
  2. updates Article 9 to include a New Generations Standing Committee which is charged with developing and implementing programs and opportunities for students and youth. 
Click Here to view the full text of the proposed change.

Article 16 of the bylaws specifies the method of amendment as follows:
"These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting, a quorum being present, by a two-thirds vote of all members present, provided that notice of such proposed amendment shall have been provided to each member by E-mail or meeting announcement at least ten (10) days before such meeting. No amendment or addition to these bylaws can be made which is not in harmony with the standard Rotary club constitution and with the constitution and bylaws of RI."
A vote on the proposed change will take place at the regular meeting on April 5th.

Please direct any questions or concerns to prior to the April 5th meeting.
Notice: Proposed amendment to The Rotary Club of West Chester bylaws Bruce Beadle 2012-03-15 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Work Project Takes Shape

Posted by Bruce Beadle on Feb 27, 2012
When: Saturday morning April 28th.
Where: Hoopes Park just off Ashbridge St (a few blocks down from the WC Country Club)
What: We will need lots of hands to paint and do some general clean up at the park. There are three buildings we plan on painting and removing old nails and staples. We'll also pressure wash the picnic tables.
What Else: At the conclusion of the event we will have a barbeque for all the volunteers...and yes this will be one of those fun events you don't want to miss!  This event will be a joint project between the Brighter Futures Committee, Fitness Committee, and Fellowship Committee. Having big numbers help that morning will be critical! We may also involve our Interact clubs.

Rotary Work Project Takes Shape Bruce Beadle 2012-02-28 00:00:00Z 0

Honorary Rotarian Nominations

Posted by Christina McCawley on Feb 26, 2012
The Honorary Rotarian Committee is accepting nominations for this year’s Honorary Rotarian.  A link to the Nomination Form is included in the "Download" section of this page.  Nominations should be submitted to Cristina McCawley by April 15, 2012.
Honorary Rotarian Nominations Christina McCawley 2012-02-27 00:00:00Z 0

2012 Scholarship Information

Posted by Linda Hicks on Jan 23, 2012

To all May/June 2012 graduating seniors who live within the boundaries of the West Chester Area School District who excel in community service and volunteerism, please consider applying for the Rotary Club of West Chester Excellence in Community Service & Volunteerism Scholarship.  The guidelines and requirements are located on the Application available in the Download Section of this website. 

Applications must be postmarked no later than March 30th 2012. 

2012 Scholarship Information Linda Hicks 2012-01-24 00:00:00Z 0

Fruit Sale benefits The West Chester Food Cupboard

Posted by Bruce Beadle on Jan 18, 2012


Warren Callaway (from left) and Christine Wildauer, co-chairs of the "Taste  of Florida Fruit Sale" learn about the process of food distribution from Fiona Allison at the West Chester Food Cupboard, while Charles Strietweiser looks on. The co-chairs and some members of the Community Philanthropic Committee visited the food cupboard, which will be recipient of fruit sale proceeds this year. The annual event kicked off Thursday, January 19th. To heighten participation, club members have been divided into two teams: the "flour" team (headed up by Warren) and the "flower" team (headed up by Christine). The competition is already heating up. SELL FRUIT!!

Fruit Sale benefits The West Chester Food Cupboard Bruce Beadle 2012-01-19 00:00:00Z 0

Proposed slate of Officers and Directors at Large for fiscal 2012-2013

Posted by Gary Hess on Dec 18, 2011
The nominating committee recommends the following members to serve on the 2012 – 2013 Rotary Club of West Chester Board



President – Jeannie McGinn

President Elect – John Schwab

Vice President – Rob Feenan

Secretary – Sue Casso Rogers

Sgt at Arms – Katie Decker

Past President – Mark Sammarone

Treasurer – open



Directors At Large:

Bruce Beadle

Dave Biffen

Bob Frame

Wendy Hoffman

Debra Sparre

Matt Holliday

Margie Wentz

Denise Wine

Stuart Brooks

Proposed slate of Officers and Directors at Large for fiscal 2012-2013 Gary Hess 2011-12-19 00:00:00Z 0

NOTICE: Vote on proposed amendments to District 7450 bylaws

Posted by Bruce Beadle on Dec 07, 2011
When our district incorporated in 2010 The Rotary Club of West Chester adopted the Rotary International District 7450, Inc. Bylaws as our district’s guidance document. At its July 12, 2011 meeting, the District Board of Directors approved several amendments to the bylaws to recommend to our clubs for their approval. The bylaws require that 2/3 of our clubs approve an amendment to effect the proposed change to the bylaws.

NOTICE: Vote on proposed amendments to District 7450 bylaws Bruce Beadle 2011-12-08 00:00:00Z 0

The Biggest Mover Challenge

Posted by Stephen Quigley on Nov 06, 2011

West Chester Rotarians:

The Biggest Mover challenge is underway.  I hope you each are able to get at least 150 minutes of good exercise each week.   Please send  weekly reports to me with a copy to your team captain. 

Nine teams have been formed, with a captain and seven additional members each.  The captain's responsibilities include encouraging team members in their efforts and assisting as necessary with collecting weekly scoring sheets/exercise logs.

Points will be awarded to members who get 150 minutes of good exercise in a week, with bonus points for extra blocks of 50 minutes, and for successfully completing occasional bonus challenges. The bonus for week one was three points for those who volunteered at the Chili Cookoff.   

The challenge will run for three months, concluding February 3, 2012, with a one week break between Christmas and New Years. Team scores will be calculated and posted weekly.  Individual summaries for each week need to be submitted by the following Tuesday to be included in team scores and available for our weekly Rotary luncheon.

The Biggest Mover Challenge Stephen Quigley 2011-11-07 00:00:00Z 0

In Memorium

Posted by Mark Sammarone on Oct 19, 2011

Dear WC Rotarians,


I am sorry to report the passing of Rita Filano.  There is more detail below about the funeral and arrangements. 


We try to support members of our Rotary family at these difficult moments, so if you are able to attend the funeral please do so and sit together if possible.


Please keep the family in your prayers.


President Mark 
In Memorium Mark Sammarone 2011-10-20 00:00:00Z 0
District 7450 Conference Bruce Beadle 2011-10-06 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Bruce Beadle on Mar 12, 2011
Incoming president Bill Ronayne (left) presented a past president's pin and plaque to outgoing president, Dave Rayburn, at the West Chester club's President's Gala.
THANKS DAVE, WELCOME BILL! Bruce Beadle 2011-03-12 10:07:03Z 0

Honorary Rotarian For 2010

Posted by Bruce Beadle on Mar 12, 2011
Mary Lou Enochs (left) is presented a plaque by Chris McCawley, chair of the Honorary Rotarian Committee, in honor of Mary Lou's being named Honorary Rotarian
Honorary Rotarian For 2010 Bruce Beadle 2011-03-12 10:06:48Z 0

Rotarians of the Year

Posted by Warren Callaway on Mar 12, 2011
Katie Decker and Mac Neilon congratulate each other after President Dave Rayburn named these two Sgt. Of Arms committee members as our club's Rotarians of the Year.
Rotarians of the Year Warren Callaway 2011-03-12 10:06:19Z 0

Heartfelt Thanks

Posted by Bruce Beadle on Jan 11, 2011
Rotarian and Salvation Army Major Gerald Morgan expressed his heartfelt appreciation to fellow Rotarians for their immediate response with a $1,500 donation when the Salvation Army's walk-in freezer recently went out.
Heartfelt Thanks Bruce Beadle 2011-01-12 00:00:00Z 0

Rotarians Serving our Community

Posted by Judi Bell


West Chester Rotarians volunteered Dec. 13th at the West Goshen ACME and Kmart locations from 9am - 6pm, taking one hour shifts ringing the bells.Shown here, Phyllis Dunn (from left) and Terri Ritchie, along with Terri's dog, manned the Salvation Army bucket at ACME. Iliana Tati, Bell Ringer Co-chair, stopped by to see how things were going.


Rotarians Serving our Community Judi Bell 0

100+ gallons Soup Donation for Safe Harbor

Posted by Judi Bell

soup 2015
Gathering up containers to fill or getting ready to place prepared soup in a cooler for delivery to Safe Harbor are (from left) Joanne Tadeo, Katie Martin, Glen Sweet, Diane Lemonides and Shauna Yeldell, members of the Rotary Club of West Chester. This is the fourth year the Rotary Club has supplied soup to Safe Harbor during the month of February. Diane Lemonides chairs this Rotary project, which yields over 100 gallons of soup for Safe Harbor, a Chester County shelter for homeless men and women.

100+ gallons Soup Donation for Safe Harbor Judi Bell 0

International Committee Update

Posted by Judi Bell

On behalf of the District 7430 and 7450 Rotaplast Committees and the 58 children in Pereira, Colombia, who’s lives were forever changed by this mission, THANK YOU!  The Rotary Club of West Chester and it’s individual members contributed more than $2000 toward this mission.
Rotaplast provides multidisciplinary care for cleft lip and palate as well as other conditions requiring reconstructive surgery.
For the full committee report - select here

International Committee Update Judi Bell 0

Brandywine River Cleanup Nov. 2014

Posted by Judi Bell


A small but hearty group of Rotarians and family members trolled the Brandywine in the annual Rotary River Rubbish Run and gathered considerable rubbish for their efforts. Those participating included (front row, from left) Dwight Leeper, Christine Wildauer's sister, Glen Sweet, Christine, Tracy Sammarone, and ( back row, from left) Christine's niece and her husband, Wendy Leeper and Mark Sammarone.


Brandywine River Cleanup Nov. 2014 Judi Bell 0

Stockings for Soldiers

Posted by Judi Bell


Linda Hicks and her friend, Karen Marson (right) show samples of the over 225 stockings they sewed this year for the Stockings for Soldiers project that the Rotary Club supports. Tamara Minnick and Brad Abel put holiday wrapped boxes in various locations throughout the community to collect items to go in the stockings.  They collected hundreds of pounds of items.


Stockings for Soldiers Judi Bell 0

Chili Cookoff - 2014 Donations

Posted by Judi Bell

2014 chili

Representatives from the most recent group of area charities to receive checks, amounting to over $32,000 from proceeds of the Chili Cook Off, pictured with Joanne Tadeo (left) and Shauna Yeldell (right) of the Community Philanthropic Committee (CPC) that selects the charities, are (second from left) Sue Flynn, Chester County Family Academy, Nancy Zion, Chester County Children's Inc., Terry Moody, Domestic Violence Center, Richard Roberts III, Young Men in Charge, Kathy Sullivan, West Chester Area Senior Center, Jack Luke, Friends Association, Joyce Lacy, Interfaith Housing Assistance Corp. ,Victoria Dow, West Chester Public Library, Gene Simi, Timothy School, Michelle Legaspi Sanchez, Maternal & Child Health Consortium, Heather Palmer, Acting Antics, Jane Dorchester, Chester County Historical Society, and Catherine Binz, Arc of Chester County.

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2014 Chili Cookoff Success

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chiliwinnervhiliwinner 2
The West Chester Chili Cookoff 2014 was a wonderful success thanks to volunteers, sponsors, participants and don't forget the Chili Teams.  For a complete listing of the 2014 Team Winners click here.

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School Supplies for WCASD Students

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Over $3,500 in school supplies for needy students in the West Chester Area School District were provided by a $2,000 donation from the Rotary Club of West Chester. Looking at some of the 1,500  items are WCASD case workers, other staff and Rotarians, (from left, back) Suzanne Simmons, Anton Burrell from Penn Office Products, Rotarians Bob Rogers, Club President Rob Feenan, and Dr. Jim Scanlon, WCASD Superintendent, case workers Beata Starr and Shayna Young, and (from left, front) Mac Neilon of Penn Office Products, the Rotarian who gathered the supplies, case workers, Tricia Alston, Fran Laughlin, Maggie Nawn, Sara Missett, Director of Elementary Education, and case workers Wilma Santos and Vicki Rice. Needy students were identified by the case workers.


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Rotary Pancake Fundraiser "A Tasty Success"

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President Rob Feenan joined (from left) Alex of the Friars' Society of West Chester University and Matt Holliday, one of the organizers of this event, to what has become an annual event, the Pancake Breakfast at Applebee's to raise funds for the Scholarship Endowment Fund. Over 70 folks attended and breakfast and raised $800 for the endowment fund. The Friar's And Abbie's Societies were the friendly servers.

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New Paul Harris Fellows

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New Paul Harris Fellows and members who have given repeatedly were recognized at a recent Rotary meeting, including (from left) PH Fellows Chair Brett Wallace, Jack Wintermute (for his grandson, Zane Manning Wintermute), Matt Biffin (by his dad, Dave), Charles Streitwieser, Wendy Hoffman, Tim Walsh, Fellow and Club President Rob Feenan, and Cristina Combee, Foundation Avenue Chair. Others recognized ( not pictured) are Clifford DeBaptiste, Rabbi Sue Greenberg, Bill Gotwals, and Bruce Beadle.


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President Feenan Welcomes Newest Members

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New club president, Rob Feenan (back right) joins newly inducted members (from left) Glen Sweet, Brad Abel, Lisa McDermott and Patricia Roos.

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2013 Chili Grantees

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Elizabeth Guman (far left), chair of the Community Philanthropic Committee(CPC) of the Rotary Club of West Chester, and John Schwab (far right), club president, introduced representatives of the 14 Chester County charitable agencies who received Rotary grants in 2013. They include (second from left) Jeani Purcell, Meals on Wheels, Mary Galligan, Chester County Historical Society,  Catherine Friedman, Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children, Joyce Lacy, Interfaith Housing Assistance Corporation, Michelle McGowan, Home of the Sparrow, Monique Howard, Maternal Child  Health Consortium, Betsy Billie, West Chester Area Day Care Center, Helen Flanders and Deb Cornelius, Oscar Lasko YMCA Youth Program Center, LeeAnn Riloff, Wings for Success, Dolly Wideman-Scott, Domestic Violence Center of Chester County, Deb Steeves, Legal Aid of Southeastern PA, Cindy Schneider, Acting Antics, and Catherine Binz, The ARC of Chester County. Also receiving a grant (not pictured) was Kevin Corcoran of Fame Fire Company. The grants totaled more than $32,000 and represent a large portion of the proceeds from the Rotary Club's Annual Chili Cook Off.

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